I’ve always known I was different…

In fact, I grew up thinking this was a bad thing. I thought I was broken, weird or maybe some part of me was missing. I was TOO sensitive, TOO dramatic and cried at the drop of a hat (or a TV commercial). I just needed to “get over it” or “grow a thicker skin”. My favorite was “what’s wrong with you?”

That’s what I heard from everyone ALL THE TIME!

This did wonders for my self-confidence and sent me into a downward spiral of depression, anxiety, and chronic health problems. Before I truly understood what it meant to be a highly sensitive empath, I rarely paid attention to WHY I was living in a constant state of overwhelm. I just pushed through.

I mean, if everyone around me could handle this world and fit neatly into the “box”, why couldn’t I?

I was living life unconscious and unaware of what I was doing to my precious highly sensitive self. Completely distracted I went about my life, every day making things more difficult for myself. I ignored my intuition and lived at such a low frequency, bogged down in the mire of negativity.

My mission is to empower you to discover, understand and honor your unique sensitivities, allowing you to live a divinely sensitive life in the light, with abundance, love, and purpose.

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