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 Do you often hear…

Why are you so sensitive?

What’s wrong with you?

Are you crying?

You’re so dramatic!

Get over it!

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Do you often feel…

Broken, weird or alone?

All the feels all the time, even when they aren’t yours?

Overwhelmed easily by big crowds, bright lights, and loud sounds?

Does it take a long time to recover after being in overwhelming social situations?

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Me too.


But, guess what, my love?

You’re home and most importantly…



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 You, dear one, are

Divinely Sensitive

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Meet Heather

Heather Dressel  is the founding mother of Divinely Sensitive, creator of the HEAR HER retreat (coming soon!), and of course— a highly sensitive empath.

Heather Dressel is the founding mother of Divinely Sensitive, creator of the heart-led virtual circle HEAR HER, and of course— a highly sensitive empath.

Over the past several years Heather healed herself and transitioned from broken, lost and confused to connected, aware and divinely sensitive.

Her signature coaching methodologies are derived from how she’s healed herself:  therapy, affirmations, journaling, acupuncture, meditation, divine feminine, spiritual practice, reading, researching, manifesting and magic.

Her world has transformed from darkness to light, and yours can too!

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Heather’s had the honor of speaking with many highly sensitive souls. She’s uncovering a pattern. Women are struggling, just as she does, with feeling alone and overwhelmed in a world that is unsympathetic to the needs of the highly sensitives.  Yet, these women have unique gifts and divine inner wisdom that our world so desperately needs.

Heather uses her gifts to guide and support highly sensitive women on their own journey to living a divinely sensitive life. She believes that through compassion, intuition, and love, highly sensitive sisters can support each other as they learn to fully embrace and honor their own unique sensitivities.  

Heather lives in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains with her soulmate and their two hilarious, creative and highly sensitive children.

When she’s not supporting highly sensitive souls or kicking butt as mom, you can find her speaking in silly voices, reading fantasy and self-development books, singing, dancing to house music, binge-watching period pieces on Netflix, writing a fantasy novel, studying goddesses, the divine feminine and the moon, while basking in the beauty of her backyard sanctuary, Luna Garden.