How I got here...


In the summer of 2015 my mother died unexpectedly and my view of life, the world and my role in it changed forever. My heart heavy with confusion and grief, I continued my healing journey. This led me to a wise woman who helped me understand the importance of knowing what I love, what I want, what’s important to me and what my true purpose is in this world.

Flash to the winter of 2017. We were living in a place I would later find out was literally killing me. As an empath, one of my gifts is soaking in the emotions of others. This can also be a very big challenge. I was surrounded by anxiety, negativity and naysayers. The toxic energy was seeping into my soul and I knew I needed to get out fast!

So, I dug deep and the work and manifesting began.

I practiced gratitude on a daily basis, sometimes hourly and the results were magical.

We sold that house that was killing me.

We figured out where we wanted to (and needed to) move and all of my tough inner work paid off.

The night before the closing on our old house I received a call from my doctor.  He wanted me to have a biopsy of my thyroid before leaving the state. WHAT?! Our closing was set for 9 am the next day— this wasn’t possible. “NO,” the doctor urged, “this nodule in your body as grown to 3 cm. Call now and go in the morning!”

The rug was yanked from under me and my world turned completely upside down. No time to celebrate.

We still hadn’t found a house. I was diagnosed with papillary carcinoma and I needed a full thyroidectomy, immediately. Digging deeper, I didn’t back down. I continued breathing, manifesting and praying for a healthy outcome. I honored my sensitivities more than ever. I kept believing I would get through. I just knew we’d find “our home”. I continued to call in protection and abundance.

My diagnosis was only stage one (phew), the house we’d drooled over for weeks dropped significantly in price, we put in an offer at my pre-op appointment, my dad and husband worked out the finances during my surgery... and the rest is history.

Today, we’re happily settled into our beautiful home, complete with all the joys I manifested. Our kids are happier, we’re happier and the lessons I’ve learned about myself and my sensitives are absolutely priceless. I recently received a clean bill of health after my one year scan. I’m feeling great and continuing to learn how to live the healthiest most divinely sensitive life I can.

Have you always known you were highly sensitive/empath? Do you feel alone on this journey?  Do you have systems in place to help you honor your sensitivities?

Email me at I’d love to learn more about your sensitive journey!