HEAR HER coming later this summer!

HEAR HER coming later this summer!

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APRIL 23rd 8pm ET

I was always a people pleaser, for as long as I can remember.  Over the course of my healing journey I’ve come to realize that you simply can’t please everyone, especially at the cost of your own well-being. There actually is a healthy way to be a giver and I’ll give you a golden nugget right up front…


This fills your well, allowing you to give without being drained by it.

Lately I’ve found myself slipping back into these people pleasing tendencies. It’s like some part of my brain thinks that if everyone around me is happy and content, I will be too.  I’ve proven this theory to be wrong so many times it’s comical, but I still end up here. Why?

In all my years growing up, until just a few years ago, I honestly didn’t understand what it meant to be a highly sensitive or to truly take care of myself. It was somehow ingrained in me that being polite, smiling, not rocking the boat, saying yes, helping, always DOING… pleasing people is just what you do, regardless of how it makes you feel. 

So I gave and gave and gave and gave.


Too much! 

After discovering I was a highly sensitive empath and what that really meant I realized just how horrible all of this was for my system. I was breaking down from all the pushing through and people pleasing. I was turning my back on me and not receiving. I wasn’t asking for help and I was in no way shape or form taking the quality time I needed to recharge my highly sensitive soul. If I’m being honest I was taking no time at all for me.

I spent so much time depressed, anxious, sick and drained. Always looking outside myself to fill this big void I was feeling. I was a giver.  I found it almost impossible to receive. It felt wrong, uncomfortable, like I didn’t deserve it. I’m incredibly grateful that I see things differently now.

It’s taken me many years to understand the importance of 2 key things:


Receiving is just as important as giving


Quieting the chaos regularly allows you to TUNE in 


When you get quiet and tune in, there is space to listen + receive. You can Hear Her, the wise, brave, compassionate goddess that lives at your core. All those things you’re looking for outside yourself, have been quietly dancing at your core all along.

Trying to please everyone and push through at super speed is literally impossible for a highly sensitive empath to maintain. Your sensitive system needs more time to recharge. You process so much, so deeply. Just a regular day can be exhausting.

So what do we do? How do we connect with our inner goddess if we’re always overwhelmed and exhausted. It’s different for everyone. So it’s your quest to find ways to nurture + hear your inner goddess by seeking out ways to connect that resonate for YOU.  

This my love, is why I created this heart-led virtual circle. Hear Her is designed to allow you to enter a safe beautiful space, from the comfort of your own home. Where your sensitivities are a gift and chaos has been quieted. Where you can release the things that no longer serve you to make room to listen to your deepest truth. Where you can meet yourself where you are right now. No judgement, no shame. Only love and acceptance. 

You have an amazing opportunity to connect, nurture and hear your inner goddess and all the incredible wisdom she holds. I invite you, dear one, to give yourself permission to join our circle and take this time as a gift. Receive it. Embrace it. 

I’ve been embracing circle and ceremony for about a year and the shifts have been absolutely magical. I’m over the moon excited to share this space with you! We’ll combine ceremony, guided meditation, chanting, journaling, oracle cards and sharing to make this heart connection.  



Tuesday, April 23rd 8pm-9:30pmET

Online, Zoom – you will receive an email with a link to the zoom room once you sign up

Be in a quiet private space

Bring a candle, journal, pencil and open mind


My intention in creating this space for you is to:


·     Feel held, loved and understood

·     Embrace 90 minutes of guilt-free YOU time

·     Get quiet and leave the loud chaotic world behind 

·     Listen to the whispers of desire and want within

·     Release the old stories along with any stagnant or negative energy

·     Make space for manifesting + magic

·     Plant seeds 

·     Connect on a powerful level with your inner goddess (wisdom)

·     Learn new ways to connect to your core

·     Have fun while going deep and doing the inner work

·     HEAR HER – the divinely sensitive goddess that lives at your core


I would be truly honored if you would take up all the space you need and join us in this heart-led virtual circle. 

What's it like to work with Heather?

What's it like to work with Heather?

“Heather has a deep, powerful gift.  Our session together was amazing.  She made me feel special and so honored every step of the way.  I was impressed by how much heart she put into our session, the clarity and magic that unfolded, and how she genuinely cared about my experience from beginning to end.  I have a tender heart, so it meant a lot to be truly heard in our conversations.  She loves what she does and working with Heather is a joy!”

-Sonja Petrik, Business + Soul Truth Coach

“I recently had a reading done with Heather. Her kind and compassionate nature brought great comfort and I really enjoyed visiting with her while also learning more about myself. The cards that were pulled were spot on to the things I had been dealing with at that time. It was just another confirmation of what I needed to do. I am so grateful to Heather and her gifts. It was a wonderful experience.”

-Amy Riley, homeschool mom - yoga/dance instructor + Feng Shui consultant

“Working with Heather was so wonderful! I felt so much love and support emanating from her, it was magical! My mother was never very good at really listening and being comforting. And that’s what this session felt like. We all need women like Heather in our lives.”

Mary James Ketch, Painter


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